President Obama the first African American president. Nobody can ever take that title away from him or his family. Congrats on making history sir!  I happen to know he loves salmon and enjoys eating rice bowls. Well, I looked to Hawaii for some inspiration and created this Two Term Salmon Bowl. It’s a coconut sugar crusted salmon pan seared which creates this beautiful caramelization and it’s served with a pineapple jasmine rice and sautéed spinach. Let me tell you this is a light and healthy meal that will leave you wanting more, I promise. Oh and it only has eight ingredients. donald-trump Next, the Donald. This guy has turned the political scene upside down and has been on fire since he started his campaign trail. I mean he’s literally pissed off generations of Americans, communities and certain religious groups. Through it all, he’s gained massive traction with his non traditional approach as he pushes to “Make America Great Again.” I decided to make Trump a Meatloaf Cheese Burger since he loves both. First, I started by mincing my onions, celery, bell pepper and carrots in a food processor then worked that into the meatloaf and made some big burgers and popped them under the broiler for some indoor grill flavor then finished it off with some American cheese and Carolina Gold barbecue sauce to pay homage to his famous head of hair. This burger is glorious! hillary Hillary has been in the White House before although this time she wants to sit in the oval house and make the big decisions while Bill does the First Lady duties. Even though she has had a fun time (sarcasm) being investigated for some “shady” emails and decisions she’s made in the past, the people are still behind her. I found out that she loves spicy foods and even collects hot sauces but her favorite is chocolate! For her I made a Double Chocolate Cayenne Brownie Milkshake. The cayenne in the brownies add a great flavor with the chocolate and honey glazed pecans definitely “stronger together.” After the brownies cool, I place a few in the blender and one in the bottom of the glass for later add some chocolate ice cream and icy milk give it a spin and you have a winner. [Yes, we can be stronger together and make America great again. Regardless of who wins this election, cook all of these and enjoy the count down to the next President. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"]See You Later America! See You Later America![/caption]  ]]>