My First Blog!
My First Blog. Thank You; Time To Celebrate!

First, allow me to formally introduce myself, I’m Kenneth Temple. Born and raised in New Orleans, LA; yes, I lived here during Katrina but made it out and took a long scenic route of 17 hours to get to Houston a 5-6 hour trip on a normal day. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Culinary Arts from Nicholls State University. I am the chef/owner of Savory LLC. a personal chef service in New Orleans. If you need cooking lessons, cooking demonstrations, nutritional advice, meal plans, private events, private dinner for sweet 16, anniversary or finally over the hill, I’m here for you; I think that’s all…Oh and I wash dishes, sometimes.

You thought you had a long day
You thought you had a long day.

I truly love having someone to cook for. I enjoy creating wonderful dining experiences. Yep, that’s right I’ll bang out a 4-Course dinner with dishes like Lamb Sliders with Yogurt Mint Sauce, Butternut Squash Soup with Candied Pecans and Pomegranates, Pan Fried Speckled Trout with Sauteed Chard & Couscous and Stuffed Baked Caramel Apples. After all that good cooking, I’ll go home and eat a bowl of cereal, then gladly do it again the next day! Its the life of a chef and cook or anyone in the hospitality industry.
I’ll be doing my best to bring mouth watering, fast recipes, healthy tips and my dish of the week. You can easily print out the recipes and use them to make groceries. I mean at least this way you can make that lazy friend finally contribute who always ask you to cook and let them make the groceries for you (Side note: In New Orleans “make groceries=buy groceries”.)  I hope we can get to know each other a little bit better over some great food that I believe will warm your belly. The wine’s on you.
Now, for your first taste of this new blog, enjoy my Grilled Lamb with Apricot Bourbon BBQ Sauce! So one day I’m sitting thinking to myself, why I never had barbecued lamb before, I like lamb and I have a grill, so this is what I did about it.  First, I start with a powerful barbecue paste that I smear over the lamb, I make the sauce while the lamb is marinating at room temperature. Then light up the grill and cook the lamb. I prefer mine medium if you like it medium rare check the lamb at 20 minutes and see if it’s to your liking. Then I baste it with some of this amazing apricot bourbon bbq sauce.

Can you smell it, Can you taste it?
Can you smell it, Can you taste it?

Stick Hand Blender
Wood Handle Fish Spatula
Non-Stick 12 Count Muffin Pan
Non-Stick Fluted Tube Pan
Set of 2 Cooling Racks
Oven Thermometer
Icing Spatula
Measuring Cups And Measuring Spoons

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