Health Tip of the Week: Pink Himalayan Salt

At some point everyone seeks to revamp their health. Sodium intake is the number one thing that most people have an issue with regulating and controlling.Well the truth is, the type of salt you use is very important in helping you control your blood pressure. In this three-part series of salts, we’ll look at pink Himalayan salt, table salt, kosher salt and sea salt. These are some of the most used salts around the world in homes, restaurants and mass food processing plants. The key is knowing their benefits and nutritional facts in order to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Himalayan Salt

Things to know about pink Himalayan salt:

The Himalayan mountains cover a wide range of territory from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Myanmar, India, Bhutan and China.

84 out of the 109 elements found on the periodic table are found in pink Himalayan salt. That means it’s full of minerals and natural elements found in the earth.

1 tsp pink Himalayan 478 mg sodium vs. 1 tsp table salt 2240 mg sodium

A few minerals found in pink Himalayan:

Potassium: relief in blood pressure, heart and kidney disorders, enhances muscle strength, metabolism

Magnesium: muscle and nerve function, steady heart rhythm, immune system, bone strength, regulates blood sugar and blood pressure levels

Calcium: builds and maintains bone strength, protects against cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure

Iron: helps red blood cell remain healthy which provides oxygen to cells and tissues, reduces anemia, increase energy

Chloride: an electrolyte works with sodium and potassium to help hydrate the body

Zinc: helps the immune system and digestion, reduces stress, control diabetes and helps with wounds

Sulfur: improves bone and joint health, helps grow healthy hair a

Sodium chloride: aka salt helps body maintain fluid, relaxes muscles and helps regulate blood pressure

Additional Benefits:

  • Aids in cardiovascular health
  • Healthy respiratory system
  • Maintains a stable PH balance in cells
  • Anti-aging
  • Better sleep
  • Higher libido
  • Aids in muscle cramps

Although, every salt has its purpose next week we’ll take a look at table salt the most common salt that we all know and have had since birth. We’ll look at a few places it’s the best salt to use over any other salt but also learn why it’s also public enemy number one to our overall health.


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