Learn the techniques, tools and tips

every chef knows in my Hunger Trap Academy


I'm Ready to Cook

8 Modules of Fun

Over 40 + videos that features a new assignment that will help you create amazing dishes that you’ll love to share.

Class Cookbook & Worksheets


A downloadable cookbook with over 50 recipes that comes with a tools list for each recipe. Plus course worksheets and culinary dictionary.

24/7 Access

You can access the course anywhere in the world on your own pace via desktop, tablet or phone.

Course Goals:

  • You’ll gain confidence in the kitchen. If you do not have this your food will always come out bad.

  • The only 3 knives that you’ll ever need this will allow you to ditch that unnecessary knife set.

  • How to properly put out a fire, if you’re cooking you want to know the right way to suffocate a fire.

  • A way to add salt without adding salt as we go through my seasoning tips.

  • Vital differences you must know about kitchen basics—one missing piece can wreck your meal before you get started.

  • Time—and frustration—saving tips for cooking—the rules are very different when you improve your kitchen vision.

  • Why your recipe is NOT the reason your food is underwhelming when cooking. This simple step will add depth of flavor to your food.

  • 6 sauces that every chef knows—including one you may never have heard of!

  • Learn how to buy the right equipment for cooking! Better tools make for ease with cooking and better food!

  • And so much more…


8 Modules, 45 + cooking videos, Hunger Trap Academy Cookbook and Seven Bonuses


Module 1: Kitchen Vision Course

Module 2: Knife Skills Course

Module 3: Seasoning 101

Module 4: Kitchen Basics

Module 5: Mother Sauces

Module 6: Recipe Conversions

Module 7: Family Meals

Module 8: Hosting a Dinner Party

  • Bonus 1: Hunger Trap Cookbook with 50+ recipes

  • Bonus 2: Matching Flavors Guide

  • Bonus 3: Knife Skills Guide

  • Bonus 4: Culinary Dictionary

  • Bonus 5: Conversion Cheat Sheet

  • Bonus 6: Refrigeration Organization Chart

  • Bonus 7: Essential Tools List

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