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“There’s a technique to everything in life.” Kenneth Temple

Course Training + Exclusive Bonuses= $999.99

Your Cost-$299

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Have you been struggling with cooking videos from YouTube or trying to cook from cookbooks?


Maybe you’re wishing that you went to culinary arts school to learn how to cook?


Or you’re tired of throwing away money by ordering food on Uber eats because it’s always a hit or miss anyways


Have you been trying to brush up on your cooking skills, so that you’re able to cook for your family or a potential new partner?


Maybe you’re new to cooking?

I’m here to show you all the techniques, tools and tips every chef has access to in my Hunger Trap Academy.

4 hours of helpful information to improve your skills


1. Kitchen Vision Course

2. Knife Skills Course

3. Seasoning 101

4. Kitchen Basics

5. Mother Sauces

6. Recipe Conversions

7. Family Meals

8. Hosting a Dinner Party


This course will close in 3 days.

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Course Goals:

  • You’ll gain confidence in the kitchen. If you do not have this your food will always come out bad.

  • The only 3 knives that you’ll ever need this will allow you to ditch that unnecessary knife set.

  • How to properly put out a fire, if you’re cooking you want to know the right way to suffocate a fire.

  • A way to add salt without adding salt as we go through my seasoning tips.

  • Vital differences you must know about kitchen basics—one missing piece can wreck your meal before you get started.

  • Time and frustration saving tips for cooking—the rules are very different when you improve your kitchen vision.

  • Why your recipe is NOT the reason your food is underwhelming when cooking. This simple step will add depth of flavor to your food.

  • 6 sauces that every chef knows—including one you may never have heard of!

  • Learn how to buy the right equipment for cooking! Better tools make for ease with cooking and better food!

  • And so much more…

I completely understand the frustration of being overwhelmed with a recipe that just won’t work. I’ve personally felt the difficulty of facing something that’s defeated you before and made you feel like quitting. 


I used to be the guy who couldn’t cook chili for hot dogs because I would add too much water and end up with chili soup. (Yes, the guy who couldn’t cook chili became a chef, can you believe that?)


When I was growing up, my dream was never to be a chef. I actually got into cooking because I was faced with that burning question, “What are you going to do after graduating from high school?” I ended up enrolling at Nicholls State University for Culinary Arts! It was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made!


I remember the first recipe I ever made in class. Shrimp remoulade. 

I had never boiled shrimp a day in my life and I sure as hell didn’t know what a remoulade was.


I just followed the recipe made a few tweaks to add some of me too the dish and to my surprise I silenced the whole class because of how great my dish was even the instructor was impressed. I still think about that day because it’s when I knew that I was fulfilling my purpose. My purpose to create and cook, and my purpose of showing others how they are able to do the same thing!


This is exactly why I created the Hunger Trap Academy! I truly believe that everybody doesn’t have 4 years or $20k for a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Culinary Arts, but everyone should know how to cook a decent meal.


It’s truly an essential skill! So I’ve decided to teach you those same techniques in this program.



I’ve used these distinct skills to cook for NBA players, NFL players, Government Officials, Lil Wayne, Win Food Network’s Chopped, become an author, teach cooking classes and becoming a brand ambassador for that same chili company (Hormel foods) who’s chili I once couldn’t cook. 


All I need is for you to give me 30 days of committed time and effort, and I promise that I can make you a better cook!


I’ve been known to make cooking as easy as scrolling through social media and dreaming of cooking some of the dishes that you see there! The only difference is that you’ll actually be able to cook and eat those dishes too!


My Goals for You:


You don’t even know how much your class has helped me! Now, I can’t stay out of the kitchen lol. It’s crazy how after just 8 weeks with you my confidence in the kitchen has improved exponentially. My husband even compliments me that I’ve gone from a good cook to an AMAZING cook! That was $$ well spent! Thank you!”


“This course was really fun. The videos are short and super straightforward I appreciated that I was able to process the content in short bits and replay without having to "find the exact spot" in a longer video. Chef Kenneth taught me all the basics to be able to make a range of meals, from a romantic dinner for two to a full on dinner party for 10+. Highly recommend.”

Arlenis A.

“I am now a graduate of Chef Kenneth’s Hunger Trap Academy! I began the culinary course with a self-rating of 7 out of 10 for my cooking skills. While enrolled, I discovered that that rating may have been a little high and that I was more of a 5/10 and would upon completion rate myself a 7/10. I love to cook and consider myself very comfortable in the kitchen but what I found that I lacked was some of the basic skills and knowledge that Chef Kenneth taught me. For example, using different spices and their flavor profiles for dishes that I would normally grab the same cayenne pepper for. I learned techniques on cooking some of the best fried chicken you will ever taste [thank me later ;-)], proper knife care and usage, etc. I’m a New Orleans woman that’s been cooking a roux my whole life and was impressed to learn more about the different rouxs and their uses. This course is definitely an investment and I strongly recommend it for the young and old that are interested in improving and learning new cooking skills. This is a great purchase for parents with children interested in the culinary arts! A great investment into your child’s future!” -.

 Lauren S.


8 Modules, 45 + cooking videos, Hunger Trap Academy Cookbook and Seven Bonuses


Module 1: Kitchen Vision Course

Module 2: Knife Skills Course

Module 3: Seasoning 101

Module 4: Kitchen Basics

Module 5: Mother Sauces

Module 6: Recipe Conversions

Module 7: Family Meals

Module 8: Hosting a Dinner Party

  • Bonus 1: Hunger Trap Cookbook with 50+ recipes

  • Bonus 2: Matching Flavors Guide

  • Bonus 3: Knife Skills Guide

  • Bonus 4: Culinary Dictionary

  • Bonus 5: Conversion Cheat Sheet

  • Bonus 6: Refrigeration Organization Chart

  • Bonus 7: Essential Tools List

Still Not Sure If This Class is For You:


Q. Can you explain the price?

A. I know you may be looking at the price saying chef that’s high. I understand but a 2-hour cooking class with me can cost you upwards $100 per person plus food and groceries. We have a great time but essentially those cooking classes are about an experience and learning a few recipes. As one of my students you will learn the tips, tricks and shortcuts of cooking without spending 15 years or $20K to acquire them.


Q. Will I have enough time to really complete the course?

A. You’re probably thinking chef it looks great but 8 modules I’m not sure if I’ll have time to complete the course. Time is the greatest commodity we all have. I don’t want to waste either of our time. By investing time in yourself you will have a skill. You will enjoy cooking new family recipes, creating traditions and living a healthier lifestyle.


Q. Is it right for me?

A.You’re probably also thinking if I’m the right person to teach you these skills. I can understand that. I am a charismatic person with a southern charm that happens to have a 1/4 teaspoon of genius in them who sincerely wants to help people. I teach thousands of people new recipes every week currently and want to make you one of them too. This course isn’t for you if you’re an expert chef


Q.What if I don’t like the course?

A. I cannot be mad at you for trying my class and realizing that it’s not the right fit. You can get a full refund in 30 days.

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