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Learn How to Season Anything in 4 days...

is the answer to making amazing tasting food. Once you finish this 4-part mini-course, you will know multiple ways to add flavor to your food.

Here's What's Inside

Part 1

How to Properly season Anything

Learn these basic techniques and the flavors of your food will improve instantly.

Part 2

What Seasoning Do What

Learn how to add salty, sweet, spicy and umami (meaty) flavors to your dishes with these easy to find grocery items.

Part 3

Is Salt & Pepper Enough?

The world is full of amazing herbs and spices but most cooks just lean on salt and pepper. After this lesson you will be able to create your own spice blends at home.

Part 4

Season like a Chef

I’ll show you how to discard bottle seasonings and season with your hands like the pros.

Meet Your Instuctor

Chef & Coach Kenneth Temple
Winner of Food Networks Chopped, Author, NBA, NFL, MLB Chef

For the last 10 years Kenneth has worked with high profile clients with a variety of diets to ensure they can compete at the highest levels. Chef works with professional athletes year around.

Learn How to Season Anything in 4 days...​

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