UGH I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO EAT! How many of us have said this after a long busy day of working and  realized you don’t have anything cooked at home to eat?

As a chef, I don’t like to cook when I get home so I result to a bowl of cereal until I notice I’m out of milk.

The world does not love me.

To solve this problem I keep a few kitchen staples in my pantry and fridge that can always be made into a quick meal.

Fish, fish, fish!! If it’s one thing we have in abundance in New Orleans it is fresh out of the gulf waters fish. You can use any fish that’s regional so I like to use redfish or Mahi Mahi aka dolphin but not flipper. This dish has Creole Italian influences. The fresh herbs and tomatoes are amazing. If you make this dish in winter or early spring canned diced tomatoes work perfect as a  substitute since they’re canned in season. It sometimes only takes a few simple ingredients with a dash of patience to make some fast food at home.


After you finish cooking these recipes you’ll be happy that you didn’t get lured in from the smell of Popeye’s on my your home.



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